Caladium Plant Leaves Jason Kaplowitz

"A Hair Raising Experience" 

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Herbs, Energetic Medicines & Minerals (Earth Metals)


I'm glad you're here.

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Hi! I'm Jason, The Crazy Hair Chemist
Certified Herbalist, HTMA

Certified Herbalist (accredited by the Complementary Medical Association 2020),
Certified in Pandemic Planning (Harvard University)

I enjoy swimming, hiking, cooking, reading, Kung-Fu, exercise and social justice.


I am
the crazy hair chemist

If minerals run the electrical grid,
hormones write the code!


- KELSEY ELLE, entrepreneur

Creator of Love Stories, Wellness and Joy

Founder | Coach’s Secrets + Mama on the Glow


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Quarantine really threw me off my game and I am so grateful to have had the Alchemy Method there to teach and support me while I got myself and my health back on track.

- Molly G - Minneapolis, MN

- DAVID CHASE, advisor

Marketing Strategies 

Multiple leading edge start-ups